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It Takes a Village

With the collapse of Christian values in western civilization, what are we to do?

I recently read an article in Christianity Today called ā€˜The Idea of a Christian Villageā€ written by Rob Dreher. In it, Dreher correctly points out that Western Christian civilization is in trouble. Churches are becoming less effective at combatting cultural decline. He notices that the major cultural issues challenged by Christians today seem to be limited to abortion and gay marriage, two areas where they are losing. Other areas of cultural decline are going unchallenged, like consumerism, secularism, and rabid individualism.

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The India Experience

Iā€™m nodding off in the back of a van coming back from our first church service in India. Everyone is quiet and exhausted from our first full day in India. The van bumps along on a rocky rural road and the air conditioning seems to have cut out. One of the Indian pastors is in the front seat humming a tune in his native language and I think to myself how amazing the experience was we just witnessed.

India was full of mind blowing experiences that had me feeling all kinds of emotions. It was equal parts exhaustion, exhilaration, fear, joy, despair and laughter. I can understand what people mean when they say they need time after visiting the country to process things. I think I will be thinking about this trip for the rest of my life.

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