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Who Wrote John?

Who wrote John? Did John write John? That would make sense. The book is called John. Interestingly, authorship of the Gospel of John has been contested for a long time.

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The ‘One Another’ Passages Part 1

The fastest growing “religious group” in the Unites States are the religious “Nones”. That is, people who do not identify with any particular practice or religion. What does this mean? It mans people are leaving the church like never before.

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Itty Bitty Bible Books

Our church loves to spend time in the big and juicy books of the New Testament. I’m talking about beefy books like Romans, John, 1 Corinthians. But what about the itty bitty ones? Some books in the New Testament are so small they easily escape our attention. If, as Christians, we take all of scripture to be the inspired word of God, it’s worth having a good understanding of the smaller books too.

With these books, we get the advantage of having an effective, concise message. Below, I take a look at the three shortest books in the New Testament to give you a brief overview, themes, and applications for everyday life.

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The New Perspective on Paul

What if everything we know about the teachings of the Apostle Paul is wrong?

This is the idea put forth by proponents of the so-called “New Perspective on Paul”, which I will refer to as the NPP from here on out. I recently read a book by Kent L. Yinger simply titled The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction. Yinger’s book is not the first on the subject, but it does effectively trace origins of the NPP from the late 1970’s to today, with all its developments, offshoots, and revisions. The NPP is an idea that took the theological world by storm when it was introduced.

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